For patients suffering from Diabetes, we offer a full scope of treatments in order to aggressively bring their blood sugars under good control with minimal use of Insulin when possible. We make sure our patients follow American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines in order to minimize Diabetes risks. For example, it is recommended that all Diabetics adhere to the following basic regime: maintain hemoglobin A1c levels below 7.0, use ACE-Inhibitor therapy for kidney protection, maintain LDL-Cholesterol levels below 70 (and use Statin drugs regardless of Cholesterol levels), maintain blood pressures well below 135/85, use aspirin therapy when appropriate, have regular foot exams, annual Diabetic eye exams, annual flu shots and maintain up-to-date pneumonia vaccination. We also offer diabetic monitoring for patients to manage their Diabetes and monitor glucose levels over a 72-hour period.